the silent bon. [album].

musik von parikama.


no. track. länge. mp3.  
I. top of the morning. 803.
II. the silent bon. 1728.
III. phurba (in the oldest village). 454.
IV. ti se (man on the summit). 117.
V. the mystery of milarepa. 705.
VI. spinning around mt. meru. 2011.
VII. leave this world (now close your eyes). 515.

diese musik führt in die welt des alten bon.

"Under the Parikrama moniker, Seetyca and Artin Mucht join the bonpo shamans searching for traces of the old faith, now consumed by the benevolent teachings of Lord Buddha. Small villages and dilapidated and crumbling dzongs are the starting points for excursions into the vastness of the old guard. Even under the shadow of Mount Kailash the presence of Buddha Tönpa Shenrab can be felt. These are stark aural landscapes with a mystic touch, yet clear as crystalline ice. Allow yourself to be lost in the old world of Parikrama and remember to equip a spirit catcher and carry your phurba close to you at all times."

aufgenommen @ mbira v.07 im herbst/winter 2011. mixed by artin mucht. mastered by anders peterson. design by mr_rehn.