manusyaloka. [album].

musik von parikama.


no. track. länge. mp3.  
I. pubbavideha. 901.
II. uttarakuru. 925.
III. aparagoyana. 1215.
IV. jambudvipa. 2103.
V. himaphan. 733.
VI. meru. 1500.

das letzte album von parikrama führt zurück zum ersten. manusyaloka ist - technisch gesehen - eyn remix-album der original-ep. eyne neue reise.

"[gterma019] : Parikrama - Manusyaloka The call of Parikrama can once again be heard as they have finally materialized here in the Manusyaloka, or our human realm again. After having seemingly phased out of our world the travellers have visited the vast continents circling Mount Meru and on their way back nearly got lost in the thick vegetation of the age old Himmaphan forest, having there encountered bizarre creatures that defy description.
Seasoned gterma veterans will remember these lands protected by the Four Heavenly Kings as well as the long and treacherous journey to the northern land of Uttarakuru. The path lays ahead... Album in jewelcase with 16-page booklet."