the place where no space is [album].

musik vom international spaceweather orchestra.


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I. sry, laika.
II. close encounter of the 42nd kind.
III. the light entities.
IV. gifts from the sky.
V. mare tranquilitatis.
VI. late nite news alien interview feature.
VII. radiant seeds drifting.

das international spaceweather orchestra ist wieder da mit eyner neuen cosmischen musik zum freyen nehmen:

"space is the place, folks! the vzusdw presents the international spaceweather orchestra presenting a cosmic space suite for you: the place where no space is! dive into an all-alien-mysterical secretly planned release full of x-filed musical ambiance hailing all space pioneers, non-existent ufo-testing areas, alien life forms, tentaculized miracles, space oddities and star-spangled star spangles out there!cosmic.

conceived by the international spaceweather orchestra @ baikonur space center in autumn 2411.
recorded with futuristic audio devices feat. alien voices, subsystem distortion signals and secret landing procedure conversations.
remixed at the outer rim by comrade artin “rx-agn” mucht using liquid platine technologies.
design by valentin wissarionowitsch varelans III.