thrones. [cd].

musik von seetyca/w. mystified.


no. track. länge. mp3.  
I. trombona thaumatica. 1034. #
II. cotopraxae. 1208. #
III. cathathese. 617. #
IV. thonus conae. 538. #
V. trona picta. 1705. #

Mystified asked longtime collaborator Seetyca if he would be willing to apply his dark ambient mastery to some trombone sounds. Seetyca rose to the challenge in a very unique way-- he processed mystified's trombone in such a manner that his finished tracks made an exact match with his classic style. All sounds, even the "piano" in "trona picta", are actually derived from the trombone. Mystified was immediately impressed and moved when Seetyca sent him these pieces. He hopes you will enjoy them, as well. thrones conceived in late iuno|early iulius using the processed sound of trombones only.

mystified: trombone, dsp.
seetyca: dsp.
artin mucht: mix and mastering.