tulpa raiser. [doppelalbum].

musik von circle of pines.


no. track. länge. mp3.  
  I. disk #01.    
I. surfing no. 509. #
II. charakcter. 951. #
III. transient response. 602. #
IV. kies im wasser. 816. #
V. across the abyss. 706. #
VI. sunphace. 1841. #
VII. anomalous perturbation. 607. #
VIII. unterm baldachin. 807. #
IX. tulpa. 821. #
  II. disk #02.    
X. tulpa raiser. 7339. #

After a three year hiatus, artists Seetyca & Bunk Data return once again as Circle of Pines to bring forth a release deeply rooted in mystic thoughtform, memory recall and itís sudden appearance in real life.

recorded and mixed in autumn/winter 2012 track x mixed in november 2013. seetyca: e-maschinen, samplers, voice, flute. bunk data: electronics, duosk. mixed by artin mucht, track x mixed by seetyca. mastered by seetyca. artwork by edward varelans III.